Welcome to Grand Ferry Capital

We exist to transform and grow food companies that create long-term value for customers, suppliers, employees, communities, and investors.

Who We Are

Grand Ferry Capital is an investment and advisory firm with a passion for food and its makers, producers, distributors, and consumers. We know the daily challenges of maintaining the highest quality product, getting the trucks out on time, and opening the door to the next new customer. We are operators at heart that know how to develop the right strategy but more importantly what it takes to transform an organization and execute every day.

Grand Ferry Capital is inspired by Grand Ferry Park in Brooklyn, NY, a ferry landing in the early 19th century named for the Grand Street Ferry, which once carried farm goods across the East River to Manhattan. Grand Ferry Park inspires us with its history of food distribution and views of the Williamsburg Bridge and Manhattan skyline.

We believe in Transparency Curiosity Passion Humility Improvement

Who We Work With

Our investments range from small family run businesses to larger platforms across the food industry.

Our Expertise

We have years of experience in the food industry, and leverage our network and experience to develop the right growth strategy for our partner companies. Grand Ferry Capital brings much more than an investment.

Our Team

Our unique experience gives us an advantage of being able to see the bigger picture, plan for the unexpected, and improve upon the experience from producer to consumer for everyone in between.  Our dedication and commitment to making this industry better and partnering with companies who share our values is at the forefront of everything we do.  We are looking for like-minded people who share our vision and are interested in developing relationships and growing partner businesses. 

Contact Us

As investors and advisors in the global food industry, we look forward to hearing more about your business!